Meditation coincidences...or not...

So I was doing a meditation in the book Goddess Initiation...the Kiss a Star Spiritual cleansing one...for the last couple of days. The skys have been completely clouded up, BUT when I settled down, got centered and started to do the meditation...the clouds parted and the sun shown through for at least a minute if not more. Now this is for two days in a row this has happened. A little more than Quinkadink (coincidence). I had no time today to do the meditation but it was sunny all day long. I actually was feeling quite worn down so I stopped for a few minutes and took a few deep breaths to center myself. I got a flash in my head of a prayer to rid myself of my worries (cause my check was kinda small, and I did not get paid for everything I did, and taxes were not applied to my wages and I am already paying the IRS back-taxes because my last employer failed to file my W2 correctly) so I was worried about it. It goes like this:

Into this pot

I place my worries,


Mother take them from me

and do what you can

so that the worries

will disapear

and not bother me again,


Blessed be.

This goes hand in hand with the Goddess Pot. It's purpose being to place your worries into it so the Goddess can worry for you. Needless to say, without even using the pot, my worries seemed to evaporate after resighting the prayer a few times. I am blessed!


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