Halloween was fun again this year! I dressed up as a Hobbit from the LOTR. I made the beard via this website which I found on Pinterest. Hurrah for a Pinterest win!! It cost me a whole $8 to make.
The helmet I found at Goodwill for $.69 and painted the "horns" to look more like...well...horn rather than they gray plastic they were. The hatchet was $2 and the rest of the gear a friend loaned me (shield, clothes, and drinking horn). You can see one my best friends in the slideshow dressed up as a creepy Shaman. I think she nailed it!

A goofy Dwarven me jamming to Diggy-Diggy Hole.

Diggy Diggy Hole

In other news!
Hibiscus Bloom!!

My Hibiscus finally is blooming after three years of growth. She started as a 6" cutting from a tree my friend had. I read that if you wait till it blooms to trim, it'll bloom more. I trim her every year because she has grown to over 6 feet tall. I didn't this year and she grew all summer. As soon as I brought her inside she started blooming!! YAY!!

View from Work

This is a snapshot of the view of the sky and land around work. Isn't that gorgeous!!! We are expecting snow overnight tonight and I am NOT looking forward to getting out in it. My car is super tiny and is a manual shift. Sometimes I forget I am driving a manual and I am afriad I'll fuck up and land in a ditch.

Hallows Card

Is finally finished the last swap I signed up for before work started. This one was a Samhain card swap. I haven't gotten feedback from it yet, so I dunno if the recipient appreciated it or not.


I have also been dealing with a lot of odd, random, numbing of my arms and hands. I am hoping it is just because I am in dire need of a Chiro visit. It's made fine movements needed to hand sew or write a bit painful. That'll be happening next week. I've had two painful spasms in the last couple of months and I think it's pulled shit out of place. Ugh. It's never ending isn't it, the problems in life we have to deal with. 

Well now we are moving into the big gift giving holiday season and I am hosting a local Handmade Holiday gift exchange. I'm not sure how well I will deal with that with the current conditions of my back and arms that I am dealing with. Sewing by hand is a beotch right now (as I found out when I tried to do some embroidery). I don't really have the time nor energy to plan an event, but whatevs...I had fun at the Hallows one and I am sure I will have fun at this one as well.

Thanks to some sales in my etsy store I've gotten several major repairs completed on the car with the help of a friends husband who was a mechanic for 12 years and has access to a lift and all the tools he could ever need. So it's mostly road safe now. The brakes are doing some vibrating when stopping at higher speeds, so we still have that to deal with....and the heat. I have no heat in the cab at all. It's gonna be a long winter if we can't figure that one out. I went out this afternoon and tightened the lighter socket as it was loose. It is probably going to be one of the easiest repairs I will ever do. I had to take some of the dash apart and take out the entire stereo unit to get to it, but it wasn't hard at all.

Now on to make some Thanksgiving cards and get started on my handmade gifts.

Until next time...
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What I have been working

Custom Journal Cover
 I thought since I've not posted in a while I would post a bit about what I had been working on through the last couple of months. Quilting has gone to the back burner while my passion for the paper arts has come around again. 
I have so many interests and talents that they make their rounds as the year goes.
The first one is an altered $1 journal found at Joanns. I sanded the cover and then gesso'd it, which made a very interesting texture with the sanding.  On top of that I worked in some oil pastels to make a sunrise like scene. The old tree was made with black...paper rope? I have no idea what it is called but it was sent to me some time ago in a swap. It makes a great looking tree!! It just needs an owl or crow on a branch. 

Fall Card

This is a fall themed card that I made for a swap, but then found that I had already sent out that swap. Whoops! This particular design was inspired from fall themes I looked at in the magazine "Card Maker Fall 2014". It's a mag that the library carries. So I go in and browse through it and take photos with the phone of what inspires me since I cannot check-out the current issues. Library rules. Meh. I like it so much I was considering making a set of five to add to the shop for $20. The background is mono-printed. I don't think I have enough gems though for all five...might have to mix it up a bit but micro beads or even leaf punchies.

Full Moon 

This next one of the moon was the day after the full moon eclipse. It was picture perfect sitting above work. It was auto-awesomed by google.

Sacred Hallows

This Sacred Hallows journal page was done for a swap on swapbot called "Sacred Hallows". I also included a pressed leaf, some "Sacred Wood" incense and a crow feather for my partner. 

Bookpage Dragonfly

Bookpage Dragonfly and Ladybug ATC's were done for a swap on swapbot.com. I had a fun time swapping through that site over the summer but I just don't have time for it now.

Bookpage Ladybug

Pumpkin ATC

A nice fall scene for a pumpkin ATC,

Rare Urban Trashcan Squirrel

 And while out for a coffee run last weekend, a squirrel decided to explore the trashcan next to the window where I sat. He stretched all the way down inside of it but I was too slow at getting the phone out to catch that bit of funny squirrel fun. See the blue car? That's mine!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Fall ATC

Another ATC for a swap over there on swapbot.

Halloween ATC Swap

These were fun to create. I didn't realize when I signed up that it was a three-for-three. I had fun creating these none-the-less. Used some mono-printed background that I experimented with adding texture with undiluted gesso.

That's all for now me thinks. I worked on a lot over the summer. I'll try to stay more active on here. After I get home I usually don't have energy for much more than making dinner, doing a few dishes, eating said dinner and heading off to bed.


Until next time...
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WOH! What happened here?

So it has been brought to my attention that I haven't posted in a long while. My friend over at Every Stitch a Prayer tagged me in a global blog hop:

"The Around the World Blog Hop is kind of like a chain letter except it's w/blogs on the internet. It's a great opportunity to meet and learn about other bloggers. When tagged, the tagee has to acknowledge who tagged them, answer 4 questions and then tag different bloggers."

So I'm just gonna pop on and do a quickie. I did not drop dead, thankfully. LOL!! Before I get to the four questions for the blog hop I have a life update to share.

 I switched employers, again, because I was not happy with the company the school district chose to do the school spec ed transportation. It's a rotten company, very unattached from reality and I'll leave it at that. I had been seeking other employment all summer and while I did get a couple of interviews, no one hired me for one reason or another. So I worked two weeks at the above mentioned company with a new attendant, and she was a spitfire woman who turned into a friend. She's a neighbor to boot! She took me over to a different bus company in town, Nelson's, and said "You're going to fill out an application because you deserve better than this place." OMG she is a Guardian, always looking out for others. So I did, and well, they hired me the same week I applied. My new attendant said she was kicking herself because she said I was the best driver she has had in four years. Another testament to how out of touch that company is. They really do just hire any old schmo that applies regardless of driving history. I'm hearing now they are loosing drivers faster than they can replace them. Well, maybe they should consider paying more (because their wages were shitty for what we do) and treating their employees like people instead of cattle. I know I didn't feel good there. The atmosphere was horrible and not very friendly. I was just another driver there.
Did you see the eclipse recently?!
I had a moment to snap a quick photo.
That's ma'bus!

After I was hired at Nelson's, everything started falling into place. I have a car, finally, and it was free. It's a 20 year old Toyota Pasao stick shift. THAT was a bit of a learning curve. So as soon as I was told they, a close friend of mine and her husband, were going to give it to me they let me drive and learn the manual transmission. Needless to say I picked it up really quickly, as I always do. I drove it to and from work all last week and I LOVE being able to get to work on my own rather than having to ask someone for a ride, which several of my new coworkers were more than happy to do. Most of them live in the same area so it's not like they are going so far out of the way that it would be considered inconvenient. Anyhow, the car needs a new radiator or water pump, we're not sure which but it's pretty darn cheap either way. The husband, Tim, said he would replace it for me if I bought the parts. How awesome!!! He also said he would also help with the brakes (warped rotters) and rotate the tires. It also needs new suspension in the front. Well, it is a beater after all and it's awesome on gas usage. I put $10 in 7 days ago...I still have half of that left. I only drive about 5 miles to and
from work, so it's not that far. I even biked to work the first week!!

THAT was fun!! I saw the moon and the stars and there was hardly any traffic so it was really quite and peaceful. I did have to buy some bike lights and reflective tape though because it's mostly country roads on the way to work so no street lights at all.

 It did turn a bit cold and that wasn't helping the lung bug I had acquired the week before. That's when folks at the new place started volunteering to give me a ride so I didn't have to bike in the cold. So yea, the atmosphere at the new place is much-much-much lighter, welcoming, and friendly! Everyone says Good morning (didn't happen at the former employer because everyone was miserable), jokes around, is goofy on the CB....it feels very much like my first driving job over at Laidlaw. It's an extended family. I LOVE IT!!! Been there three weeks and I am full time, driving two-to-three routes a day AND washing buses between routes. I really don't mind washing buses. It's quite the workout (better than any gym membership). Who doesn't enjoy getting into a freshly washed bus? That's another thing that is very different here. I have never worked for a company that was so concerned about how their buses looked that they washed them all week long. They are a distributor for the Thomas brand school buses, so I guess that plays a roll in it. Gotta keep them looking good for potential customers. OH, and I've gone from short bus to full size bus. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I still do what they call "Special Needs" transport, essentially it's spec ed.
Shaggy Mane before picking

OHHH! And when I started out there, I found gobs and gobs of Shaggy Mane mushrooms!!! So I

OM nom nom nom! Bag full of shaggies!
invited a friend out to help pick some and we made an awesome mushroom soup from them. DELICIOUS!

I am hurting for money right now, switching employers twice and being unemployed all summer. BUT, I am fairly confident that my first check is going to be HUGE with 80.75 hours and I am SO thankful for that. The radiator needs to be fixed before it freezes for the winter because at present I am just adding water for coolant. That will crack the engine block if it isn't fixed before the snow flies so that is first on the repair list. Then I have to purchase plates ($70), register it (also $70) and get insurance (around $211/6 months). UGH. It's not cheap having one of these things!!

So now on to those questions....

What am I working on?

Nothing at the moment. I haven't had the time or energy to work on anything since starting full time at the new employer. I do have an embroidered block for our (with Every Stitch a Prayer) Hallow's quilt to get to this month.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I like to add my own personal flare, usually, either by tweaking the pattern or doing something completely off the wall with it.

Why do I write/create what I do?
Because it's fun! Why else would I do it? Ya'll know my motto, "If it ain't fun, it ain't worth doing" which was exactly the reason why I switched employers. I have FUN at this new place.

How does my process work?
Well, if I really want to do something, I think about it a lot before I start on it. Ideas will come to me as I am falling asleep, or as I am waking up in the morning. I'll think about color combinations (quilting), or composure (painting), or how it goes together (most everything else). It can be a long process as seen in some of my intuitive paintings (which, by the way, are for sale in my etsy shop...link up top!). A painting can sit around for a long time before something pops up at me. The painting tells me what it wants to become. I know, it sounds weird, but it happens more often than not. For my other crafty interests youtube plays a HUGE part in my idea process. I love watching art journaling videos and get inspiration from those to add entries into mine (never copy someone else's work element-by-element). 

Now who do I tag next?

Well, I've really come to enjoy the Frugal Crafter, her blog and youtube videos.

So I nominate http://thefrugalcrafter.wordpress.com/ to be next in the Around the World Blog Hop!

Until next time...
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Zentangle and book making

 I joined a swap recently to make a mini (3") book with stab binding. At first I didn't want to swap, but as I started watching youtube tutorials on stab binding, the more I wanted to make one.

So I did. The theme was Recycle (R3) so the book had to be made from re-purposed materials. The cover on mine is made from the cardboard backing that the Gelatos color packs come on. It was large enough for both covers and quite sturdy. Then I took some orange paint and gave them a painting over. Next I took some orange tissue paper (I keep all the tissue paper that I get from shopping or gifts to reuse) and then smooshed (my favorite craft word) it up on the board which was covered in a rather thick layer of mod podge. That created random wrinkles that I just love! Once that dried I took some gold Lumiere paint (Jacquard) and brushed that on then wipped some off with a dry paper towel while it was still wet so that some of the orange underneath would show through. Lastly, I took some black paint and rubbed it on like you would with Buff-n-Rub to get it into the recessed areas. This created a slightly antiqued look. It came out very awesome.

The lady I sent it too is very excited to see it in person and right she should be because I put a lot of effort into my swap pieces. So when I get something back that looks "lazy" from swappers...it just makes me all frazzled. But, as one of my friends pointed out (to my surprise), she said that my artwork is very spiritual and not everyone expresses art in that way. She's very right about that and I was honored to hear someone say they noticed that in my artwork. I dunno what I would do without my friends in my life. They bring to me such a different perspective that I would never see on my own....cause I'm an Aries...and that's just how we are.

There was a Zentangle "class" at one of the local libraries here recently and this is what I made in the two hours we were there. I love it! We also got a rock to Zentangle. Mine is rather large. I like rocks, so...this rocked. LOL!!

Until next time...
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Crafty Saturday

Wow what a day it has been. Went to the quilt shop to pick up the next quilt block pattern in the Block of the Month Club....and bought a couple fat quarters...I couldn't help myself. Oh so pretty, feel good, fabric!!

When I got home, I was setting up to do some sewing when I saw something in one of the canvases I had prepped the other day for intuitive work. I didn't see anything right away so I set it, and the other one, aside to work on another day. Today was that day!

I did notice the big fiery looking splotch there...but nothing else really popped out for me until today. So the sewing project was put aside. When I see it, I am COMPELLED to fill it in. I can't describe it other compulsion. It's a "must be done NOW" feeling.


Tis okay. When I am in that moment where my sole focus is the canvas, everything else melts away. The stress, the worry....the fucking noisy neighbors....put on some good tunes and I am oblivious to the world outside of my Craft Cave.

And I did try to document the process but my camera kept turning off after about three minutes of filming. Not entirely sure why as it has never been so damned picky before. After the third time of it falling off it's precarious perch on top of my shelving (I don't have a tri-pod yet) and disturbing my flow of consciousness, I decided that it just was not meant to be fully documented. This is the first, I think, published video at the new place.

Oh and by the way, this and other completed intuitive projects can be found at my esty store for purchase. Thank you for supporting an independent artist and adventurer! You can click the tab above to see the mini-store app.

Until next time...
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