Thursday MQ, Some Collaging, Monthly Blocks, and MORE !

 My friend and I, Bellezza, are going this Halloween village collage piece. We exchanged some fabrics for it so we could contribute, in a way, to the others work. I had a really hard time with it in the beginning. I was resisting SOMETHING, just not sure what. But every time I sat down to try to lay out the pieces....I got frustrated and had to walk away. I think it was the chaos of the unorderly pieces. I can't quite put my figure on it but I concurred it, or it concurred me, and here it is almost finished. I'm going shopping for tulle tomorrow to cover the piece with and quilt it.

 And Mystery Quilt! Here is the step completed for last weeks clue. The instructions said to trim to 10.5 and while the blocks SHOULD be 10.5, neither mine nor Bellezza's were. There were a lot of peeps on the group saying theirs were not measuring up to 10.5. Each strip is 2.5, with seems, it SHOULD be 10.5 but most of mine were 10.25 or less. So, whatever. It will be what it will be. I'll just add some borders to make it bigger.
This weeks clue involved a faulty graphic which didn't coordinate with the instructions so there was a flurry of messages wondering why the instructions said this but the graphic was different. I dunno about you, but I NEED graphical references alongside of instruction text. It's helpful. The lady who is doing this MQ....not so much. She was yelling (all caps = YELLING/EMPHASIS) to read the instructions. Well, obviously we all had and a lot of the quilters were still confused! Not a very good teacher if you ask me. People ask for help, you don't yell at them to go read the directions...jeepers. Gosh. We are quilters of many different levels. Anyways, I wanted to word slap her, but instead I simply stated the facts above about needing graphics to MATCH the instructions. OH but it's not her fault, they were published that way...oh wait, you guys got the black and white copy....geee....who did that I wonder??
The color copy is clearer, she says....


Received: "After the Rain"


April calendar blocks arrived!!!

Sent: "April Showers"

Saturday is the first class for a monthly block party at a quilt shop nearly 40 minutes away. My friend asked me if I was interested in joining her and her Step Mother. It was only $10 for the next year (if you come every month) so of course I said yes!! Can't wait! We are going to grab breakfast before class so it should be a grand ol'time!

I haven't done much quilting over the last week. I was so excited for the week off and then it came and I've been either too tired or too depressed to work on anything. Ahhh depression, such a lovely affliction. NOT. I did get the kitchen cleaned up that I have been struggling to get caught up on since getting ill. And I have started on my tatting...which I forgot to take a photo of. I'll save that for Saturday's post.

Until next time...
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Rag rug weaving and Mystery Quilt update

It's Mystery Quilt Thursday! A new weekly post? Maybe.
Clue #2 came out last Thursday and I am currently working on the #3 which came out today on the "Just Us Quilters" Facebook group. I am LOVING this MQ thing. It's my first one yea know. And once again I cannot align my text the way I want to because of blogger's finicky issues....grrrrr.
MQ Clue #2

Rag strips!
Rags, rags, rags. Two old sheets of mine that have pills and are too ruff for my sensitive skin have been torn into strips for weaving into a rag rug.

On the loom

The old Navajo Loom came out from storage and got dusted off and retied. All the ropes holding the sticks together and loosened from a couple years of non-use and being moved about.  I have no wall space left to mount it up on the wall like I had it at the old place so I tied it to my warping frame made from 2x4's for added support. It looks wonky, but it's not. I really need to find a different stick for the left side. That bowed stick is not helping any. I made this years and years ago when I first tried to do Navajo style weaving. Needless to say, that interest came and went but I kept the loom "just in case" I ever wanted to try weaving on it again. Glad I kept it.

Spring break starts next week. I hope to get a lots done around the apartment, garden and quilting. I am also having to change employment again as the school contract switched companies, again. It's switched back to a company I've worked for before, but one which I don't care for and is shady. I am hearing all sorts of bad things about the company I am driving for now, coming from ex-employees and currently alike. Dunno what to think about that as I have never had any issues. But then again, I don't hang out at the terminal and I don't get involved with inner office politics. Here's my paper work, have a great day, bye! I don't care about anything else. I just want to do my job, get paid, be happy, go home, do some handicraft and go to bed. 

I am really tired of having to deal with establishing into a new company so I have been exploring other transportation job options. One of which is driving for a local coop cab company. I have never driven cab so it will be something new and exciting, and scary. I've considered driving a city transit bus, but I am not all that eager to try it and it scares me more than considering a cabbie job.

My one very big obstacle right now is GETTING to a new job. The nearest city bus stop to where I currently reside is several miles away. I could bike or walk, but that's a long way to walk and I really don't want to risk damaging my expensive bike on the bike rack in front of the bus. It's my only mode of getting around when I am off work. Cabs cost A LOT and just to go 8 miles into the next city is effin $15. Pshhhh!!! Crazy.

I'm not sure what I am gonna do. I do know that I am gonna take some time out to meditate and consult a tarot deck for guidance. Might ask a friend to do a reading for me because it's hard to stay objective when reading for myself. 

Until next time...
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Spring? Is that...is that you?!!!

Oh, my, goodness. I think Spring has finally put Winter to bed. And about time too. Temps are finally rising
and we are getting more rain than snow.

This week I worked on a wall hanging from the Spring 2014 issue of Quilters World (digital issues available through Google Play).

It's quite an easy piece. It just takes a bit of time to sew over all the raw edges left from the reverse applique and the start/stop
quilting around the design. I watched some programs available on HULU on the Kindle while I worked on it. It really turned out and I love it! I've had the background fabric for two years. It was too pretty to cut up so it was waiting for the perfect project. It was a fat quarter from a local shop.

The itch to get some seeds planted has started. I purchased a new type of tomato from Bountiful Gardens (.org), a non-gmo-organic-sustainable seed nursery, to try this year. It's called Soldaki:

 "If you're looking for an heirloom with big yields, try Soldaki. We had such a great harvest when we trialed this one that we sold the extras to a local restaurant. The owner wanted to know what kind they were because, she said "They are just what we want--great color, great flavor, great texture, right size for sandwiches--perfect.", Cherry-red, slightly ribbed fruits average 3" across, medium "navel" on the bottom."

I hope they do well. I'll start 4 plants and I am NOT buying any extra this year. I had so many tomatoes last year from the 16 plants between two plots! Well...I might have to get black cherry tomato, those are always good to munch on while tending to the garden. Also gonna try a new type of melon called Haogen:
""Widely coveted", flesh of fragrant sweetness. Thick medium-green flesh tinged salmon. Smooth pale-yellow rind with green sutures. Vigorous vines, heavy crops of small fruits -- six per plant is normal. Grows anywhere in mainland U.S., dependable and prolific. Considered a drought tolerant melon - it will need water to become established and regular watering until fruits set where after reducing the water will make sweeter fruit. This is an Israeli adaptation of an ancient SW Indian melon."

The community garden coordinator said last year the gardens donated over 1000 pounds of fresh produce to the local pantries. WOW!!!

I'm also gonna grow Zucchini again and hopefully eat more than I give away this year. The plants I had last year were insanely prolific. And beans, of course, because canned garlic beans ARE DA'BOMB. Best canned beans I have ever had. I can't wait to see if the garlic survived our long ass winter that I planted last October. I'm also sharing my plot with a couple of friends this year. In exchange for some gardening space, they have said they will help with watering and weeding. Well, we shall see how well that goes. Everyone wants to garden, but some peeps don't like to work in the heat or do the things necessary for upkeep...so we shall see. I'm a little concerned how well I will be able to manage with my back issues.

And of course I am growing salad greens around the patio again for quick access and something to take care of here at home. My greens last year did really, really well.

Another project on my list of To-Do's is to make rag yarn from my old T's that are no longer fit to wear. I made a couple into "Too Hot to Give a Fuck" shirts which will be comfy home only wears. Cut the sleeves, collar and bottom hems off. I tied one in the back and the other I did not. They are surprisingly light and very comfortable. They will be perfect for when the hot weather comes, although they are predicting a cooler than normal summer. I did a couple of my rags made into "yarn" last night after coming home from a friends Bday celebrations. We had a nice walk through a local woods surrounding some indian mounds and a chilly picnik.

While visiting the local coffee house yesterday I saw this poster and thought, what a perceptive young man this one is. A local school read a book about how Community Gardening changed the authors life (I cannot recall the title now, of course). There were many others posted around the shop, and one was quite disturbing. A young woman, 16, pregnant and she wishes her baby would just die, but, community gardening helped her cherish all life; even that growing within her. So happy that story ended on a happy note!

Today I am gonna work on the April calendar block, shred some more rags and hopefully get the loom set up, start on the next clue for the Spring MQ through Just Us Quilters on facebook, and also pick out and cut fabrics for a new project that my friend Bellezza and I are doing. It's a neat collage looking wall hanging from a book called "Happy Villages". We are going to do a Hallow's themed one. Wewt!! So for that we are exchanging cut pieces.

Weekends are so busy for me. All these projects and never enough time nor energy to get to them all during the week. Spring break is in one week...and I cannot wait for the time off. OYE!!!

Then it's two months for summer break where my hours will be drastically reduced. I've been putting money back for a new smart TV and will hopefully have enough for that before summer break begins.  I've been doing the weekly savings game and it is quite amazing how quickly it adds up!! I'll have a new TV and new computer in no time!

Mystery Quilt Clue #1 complete!

Until next time...
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Busy weekend and KINDLE!!

I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. Amazon.com is having their deferred payment sale on the Kindles. They had this same sale during the xmas season and I have been kicking myself ever since for not taking advantage of it. Well, I guess they are gonna do this quarterly now it seems. I ordered myself the 8.9" HDX. It'll be here Monday!! I went big. And why not? It's 20% of the the price then the rest of the cost is divided into 4 monthly payments. You can choose to pay it off at anytime and I do plan on paying it off before summer break begins. I need something to stream netflix and hulu to because my "Smart" dvd player (a Panasonic) has been giving me grief when it comes to streaming. It's been hiccuping and stopping and freezing. UGH!!! So frustrating. Never buying anything of that brand again. What I really need is a Smart TV. If only there was a deferred payment option for that!!

Yesterday the purse frame for the Tammy Bag came and that went on in a flash. I love this bag!!

Then I've been working on a hanging for the front door, a celt knot using reverse applique. I'll be sewing the raw edges down after posting this. A finished photo to come.

I've also decided to join a spring mystery quilt that is being hosted by facebook group "Just Us Quilters". This is my first MQ and I am making my own jelly roll from these fabrics. The one on the right is the "background" fabric. 

MQ choices

And while at the library yesterday, they always have art from the local schools on display, I saw this awesome piece. Such talent!! I love seeing the artwork from the younger generations.

Until next time...
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Denim Update #3

Temporary Design Wall on the closet doors
I got a temporary design board up using some stick on velcro and a crib size piece of batting. I did try to make a larger one with a queen size batting I bought way back last year when I started my first quilt. Needless to say, I am thoroughly dissatisfied with the Mountain Mist brand because the batting is literally PAPER THIN with even THINNER spots all over it. It looks like poorly made handmade paper.

Anyhow, I am 16 squares short of  the design I want. Friend Bellezza and I figured out that the 6x6 pattern I had initially drafted would be a KING size quilt. It doesn't look like it'll be that big...but looks can be deceiving I guess.

That is so gonna be tied cause I am not machine quilting that monster on my domestic. 

I need to cut and starch more denim strips! I might have to hit up a second hand store if I run out.

What the hell is this?!! It looks like paper!!
That's not batting! 

Look at all the thin places on this pathetic excuse for batting!!! OH! I am just so disgusted. The entire thing is paper thin to boot. Nothing there to insulate OR add any weight to a quilt. 

Note to all those out there....AVOID the purple packaged Mountain Mist brand of shitty batting. Yes, that IS my humble opinion. Never buying it again. I'm sticking to my Warm & Natural brand.

Until next time...
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