Made a Lucet, SP10

I made a lucet today! I was in need of one to make a cord for my felted bag so I used some of the oak scraps I have from making my belt display. It reminds me of a goddess figure...of even a swim suit! Totally by accident! But it works great! Now if I were to purchase one of these...I'd be spending anywhere from $20-$40 for one. I have enough scraps left over to make 10 at about $4 each (after cutting, sanding, staining, and sealing)! I'm thinking of making another one for my SP10 pal-ee who BTW recieved her first box and she sounds thrilled to have the spindle and fiber! EEEEEEeeeeeee! *Warm fuzzies!*

I have been working on all sorts of things today. I cleaned Zar's cage and the same corner where he is located. There is a bookcase there and some of the books had fallen out and being the chaotic and scattered person I am, they were left on the floor. So those got picked up and tiddied. Zar's cage smells much better!

We went to community pharmancy today and I bought that jar of Lanolin. I attempted to waterproof my felted bag...but I think I may need to wash it some because it came out...sticky. HUmmm...that didn't work like I thought it would. Oh well. The only thing lost is time as I have to work on getting it not so sticky. Then while up on State Street I stopped by the local artist supply shop and purchased some salmon and purple dye. The BF had to stop in one of the metaphysical stores...the one I really don't care for (Shakti) because they are so materialistic and thier prices are high on those materialistic goods. I can do without all of it....BUT... I did find a new bumber sticker...a mini one that says "Religion is a journey...not a guilt trip." I LOVE IT!!! GODS! My coworker is always beating herself down...drives me NUTTY!!! The Womyn has no value or confidence in her own skills. And she is SO PSYCHIC! Shetold me about a dream that she had and she told me in that dream that we were trying to save a fish...and I was giving her a fish for her Bday!! PSYCHIC MAN!!!

BUT, what really has me peed this weekend about that subject is she really has been ungreatful for the gift. She talked and talked and talked about wanting to get a fish again and I thought I was gonna do a good thing. NO! She keeps COMPLAINING that she doesn't have TIME to take care of a FISH. *scratching head* WTF?!! It's a FISH, not a cat or dog or any other exotic animal....A FISH!!! For crying out loud, it won't keel over and die if it is not fed every stinkin day so go take your weekend trips!! *face-palm* GRrrrrrrrrrr. Then she said that she thought she was gonna have to give it away and I told her flat out-if you don't want the critter, give 'em back because he is GORGIOUS and has gorgious long blue fins. If she gives it away to someone, I will be very upset at her. All that effort to print out care sheets, purchase everything she needed to get started and keep 'em healthy and happy for several months if not longer and then WHAM...GRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr, arrrrrrrrrrrrgh...That is the last time I get a gift for any coworker! The nerve!

Other than that, it's been a quite weekend. All the lists I am a member too are quite so it must be nice weather all around. CRAP...I just remembered that I need to bring the plants in because it is still getting below freezing at night. POOP....


Until next time...

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