Blah and worms

Well I worked my first game as ticket taker, and unbeknown to me...the area where we work is out in the open with no protection from the weather. And wouldn't you know it, it rained 4 out of the 6 hours I was there working! The company does not supply rain gear, special parking, training or orientation! What a shit-hole of a company! I have never worked for such a nasty place before. The people were nice enough to at least tell me what they needed me to do. This is my second job to bring in a little extra dough for the holidays coming up but damned, it ain't worth my health. I was so sick yesterday from being in the freezing rain for 4 hours. My friend tells me I should talk to the head boss, but he doesn't seem to be all that caring about anything, but I will try. Since this job is not my sole source of income it is , in my mind, a disposable job.
Argh. What a shit job! The people working for them are mental or are teens.


Well anyhow, my worm bin is something smelly. The worms continue to climb all over the bin and stay outside the bedding. So either there is not enough room for them all, the bedding is too wet, or there is not enough food for them all. I added 1LB and 8oz of scraps to the bin today and I opened up the bin with a light on for awhile to dry it out a little. We'll see if this helps. I think maybe I need a bigger bin, but I don't have room for anything much bigger and the books I read suggest something shallow and long rather than tall and deep. The books also suggest no more than one pound of foot per square foot per week. I only have about two square feet. I think I can wait and feed once a week at least until I make pumpkin pie. I have so much waste when I make them but I read that worms love that type of food (squashes and melons).

And this blog is so frustrating! The preview shows my paragraphs seperated were I want them, and when I go and publish it, it's all smooshed together in one large lump. GRrrrrrr. Not my day.

Until next time...

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