New flute! Excited!

YAY! My Yule wish came true! I finally have a Native American Flute, crow series to boot! Even has turquise inlays! Oh it is so loverly! And it plays magnificantly! I am in LOVE...with a flute! I can see how they used to use the flute as courting tools. Plus it was 25% off AND I got what I wanted! Aw shucks...thanks Goddess! I cannot wait to go to the preserve behind where we live and play for everything. It'll echo nicely in the cold air.

Here is an auto sample of what I have learned just by playing it for a couple of hours tonight. I can't put it down! It's so easy to learn! And oh so easy to put emotion into it. The audio is not the best quality and I start to get into it just as the recorder stops recording. I am playing with my eyes closed, per the "instruction" manual suggestions so I was not keeping an eye on the recorder.

Music Sample

Until next time...

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