Pele Meditations

Wow, that wokred really well. I put on my shaman drumming CD, put it on repeat, and wrote what I had typed out into my BOS by hand. It took three pages, back and front to get it all in there, but it's in there and it is a satisfying feeling. I bought some really nice writing pens at Staples and used that to put the information on. Nice pens! No hand gramps!

So after entering the information, I laid back on the bed (I always use the bedroom for things like this because it is the least cluttered room in the whole apartment and has a nice sacred space feel to it). By now I felt very meditative-ish (is that a word?!) and very spacey. So I lay back and tell myself out loud "I wish to meditate on Pele...Goddess Pele....Pele-Pele-Pele..."

After a few minutes of concentrating on the images I had seen of her, and my interpetation drawing of her erupting from a volcano in a fury, I began to think about what elements she could represent. Seems that she could represent all the elements. No joke! Fire (obviously) which comes from deep within the earth, and is pushed up to the surface sometimes in a violent display (air). Her lava turns into may different semi-precious materials (earth again), and her lava flows to the oceans creating clouds of steam (air and water). How about that? I actual got something productive out of my meditations!

And what about the legend of her lover Kamapua, the Pig God, who sent in his piglets or pig friends to dig up her fields of cooled lava that created soft and fertile soils for seeds to grow in. Well, that could be why she is sometimes (or most times) pictured with a crown of flowers. There were flowers seeds in there too. And what woman would not want to be decorated in such pretty things?! I love it when Mikie puts the decorative orcid flowers in my hair when we are out and about. He's even brought a couple home from work for me when they have a catered lunch.

Until next time...

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