Finch is free once again!!

Look at her! She is free and happy! I released her on New Years Day in symbolage of her new lease on life. She flew into the trees at the corner of our apartment, then when I tried to get closer to take a picture, she flew up to the third floor balcony. And she is singing and calling out to her friends (I'm thinkin) and sticking around! Awwwww! Now watch out for those hawks around here!!! I'm gonna miss her company, which egoed of the wild and free. But I knew she would never be happy in a cage. I hope she is well. I hope she visits the feeder to let me know she is well and happy. *sigh* I've done a very good deed and it has filled my heart with joy and love (OKay call me fluffy! But I am feeling it!).

Until next time...

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