Haven't posted in a while...

I've been posting more entries into my yahoo 360 than here, it's just more convinent(sp?) and easier to get to. Although the downfall there is you can only post one photo per entry, which is a drag.

I've starting knitting, mostly socks. They are fun to make!

I've recently signed up to make socks for soldiers (see link in side menu). Here is an advertisement for them (if you decide to sign up, let them know C4G sent you):

SFS is looking for 100,000 sock knitters

Join our group and see how you can assist those serving our country in the Middle East. Our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc are putting their lives on the line, and whether you agree with the reasons for their sacrifice or not, it is our moral duty to aid and comfort them in every manner we can.
Come visit our website and learn how you can knit socks for our soldiers today. We have information, patterns, yarn suggestions, discounts and other pertinent information.
If you cannot knit socks, there are many other ways you can help. Pass out flyers to local yarn shops; promote us to local newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, and charity groups. In addition to knitters, we need funds to supply yarn and needles, and to ship the socks to the Middle East.
We can also use other products to fill the new socks, such as toiletries, face wipes, chap stick, lotion, disposable razors, nail clippers, deodorant, and other soldier necessities.

You can reach us at:
Web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOCKFORSOLDIERS/
Email group: SOCKFORSOLDIERS@yahoogroups.com
Thank You For Your Support!!
Kim Opperman
Email: Bagelllady37@aol.com
843 Crawford Avenue
Mansfield, Ohio 44905
Phone: 419-522-9558

I've also signed up for sock wars. It's almost like an RPG game, only you knit socks. Click the Sock Wars link in the side menu to go to that blog and read more, even sign up. You knit a pair of socks per a pattern given to you by the host and send try to send them to the person you are assigned to, first. If you get a completed pair of socks before you are done with yours, then you are considered "Hit" and must send your uncompleted pair of socks and pattern to the person who hit you. The person who "survives" unscathed is the winner and recieves something special. Sound fun? Check it out!

Until next time...

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