That Impeach corner banner...

I found it at the link above (click entry title). I didn't vote for him but others did, now look at the mess(es) we as a country are in-and not by my choice.

Goverment for the people BY THE PEOPLE, and this person says the governement has gone TOO FAR. Our simpliest civil rights (freedoms that we are fighting for in OTHER COUNTRIES) are slowly being chiseled at and we must fight the overgrown BUSH that has begun this bullshit.

How many fuck ups are we gonna tolerate before we've finally had enough and say "Enough is Enough! Out with you...IMPEACH-IMPEACH-IMPEACHMENT!!"

I want my freedoms the constitution says I was born with. Don't you?

The time to act is now.

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  1. Great post! Bush sucks!



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