Washing Raw wool fleece: FORGET THE HYPE

HJS Studio: Washing Raw Wool

I learned that there is nothing to be afraid of when washing raw wool. There is way too much pent-up hype over it. Our tap water averages around 150 degrees (F) so it is hot enough to rinse in. I scoured some really greasy wool today by boiling a tea kettle full of water and pouring that into a gallon bucket and filling it with hot tap water. When I first put the wool in, the water seemed to draw it into it. The key is not to agitate as you would want to do to wash something like linen. You PUSH the fiber down, but you push gently so as to not create suds and not to agitate too much. Other than, just don't go 160 degree water to 60 and everything will be fine. A temperature change of less than a hundred is of no consiquence and the wool will not felt.

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