Wool washing experiment

I wanted to see how much wieght was lost in the wool I purchased so I wieghed out exactly 3 ounces of fiber. It was just a good chunk of fiber.

I washed it, rinsed, and dried it as usual and when it was dried I wieghed it again.

It had only lost 3/4 of an ounce. It wieghted 2 1/4 when dry. Nice!

One tip the fiber shop lady, Susan, gave me was: the more crimp/waveys in the fleece fiber, the softer it is. And true to that she had me feel, with my eyes closed, two different fleeces. Once had less crimp than the other. It is true! Fleece with more crimp is softer and loftier than that with less crimp. One buying tip under the belt...more to come I am sure.

Until next time...

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