More Jar Dying: Pencil Roving

This first one is a bit blurry, I know, but I took it in the microwave before nuking it to get a good picture of the colors. Next time I will add more red and yellow. It's really hard to stuff a fat skien into a jar and layer the colors too. I spun this pencil roving. Looks more like novelty fat yarn though!
Results of the dye-job (no puns please!). I will definately use more red and yellow next time. But the red traveled again which I LOVE because it creates some interesting colors! You can't see it but there is some earthy green on the other side of the brightest yellow part. I think I like this color way. I call this Earth, sky and The Heavens because of the earthy greens and firey yellows and red, then blues and purples. Could do with Earth-Air-Fire-Water and The Heavens, but that is a mouth full! I love the randomous of jar dying!!!

The next one is of the dyed BFL I did in the jar (check archives). It cards up kinda funny lookin, but I am sure it will make some interesting sock yarn! I will have to try this again and then use the combs that I am making to make it more...color defined.

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