Sock War Conundrums

My goddess, the whiners! I go to the forum and it is filled with bitching, whining, complaining, and all around bad sportmanship! By Goddess people...this is not life and death...it's just for fun! Time to wake up from La-la land! Winning or loosing this GAME is not gonna make or brake you. OYE. A lot of people are bitching about not getting an email. IF they had any good reasoning in them, they would have checked the Sock Wars blog, and would have seen two days ago that a hurrican struck the area the host lives in (Ireland I think it was) and the internet affected, quite expected with a HURRICAN. And then there are those complaining that their 'target' won't give up their snail mail for them. Well in the rules, it did hint to that not being an illigal thing to pull. Did anyone actually read the rules and how the game works? Well, they can spend all thier time bitchin on the forums, cause I'm knittn away baby! Knittn away!

SOCK WARS: it's not just about the socks (apparently it's about bad sportsmanship too)!!

Until next time...

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