Walmart Making Changes

This is encouraging! This means that the Anti Walmart movement (The High cost of Low Prices) is working! If walmart is saying they are looking to change to increase a loss in buisness, and that they are loosing sales to Target (which is a better company on all fronts) then the movement has made an impact! I stopped shopping at walmart two yerars ago after seeing the movie with a group of friends and learning of the lowly tactics and how badly the employees were treated. Not only that, but how the cloths come from overseas sweat-shops that pay the employees a measly $3 A DAY...how horrible it must be for them. Thier cloths never fit me right anyhoo. I am a plus sized woman, and their plus sized pant butts fall short of my plus sized behind. You'd think if my waist was large, so would my behind.

Now I see headlines that Walmart is doing a makeover of it's company and it's practices. People can make a difference if they really want to!

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