Creamy Carmel Apple Cider

We decided to make our own carmalized apple cider after paying $2.50 for 16 ounces of the same stuff at Starbucks. The BF peeked over the counter and saw they were using the cheapest brand of Apple Cider available in Wisconsin: Top Shelf.

For the price of 22 ounce coffee, I could buy a full GALLON of apple cider made locally and for $2 more, a jar of Smuckers Hot Carmal.

  • Heat Carmal per directions
  • Heat 8-16 ounces of cider till hot
  • Add Carmal to taste
  • Top with whipped cream and stir in for a traditional creamy carmal apple tasting treat!

    Until next time...

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    1. Thanks C4G for the great recipe!!! We don't have too many coffee places here, so I get very creative with my in home coffee maker and all the additives!!!



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