I gotta rant about the pres and his damned press conference

I gotta rant about the pres and his damned press conference.

The danged guy is right when he says if we leave now, the terrorists will follow us home. Well Yah, NOW they will, it's too late to make it any better...he done went and fucked it all up!! They guy is a fuckin DORK!! Thanks for letting a dork run the country people. Thankfully I have no children that will have to deal with his fallout. Although I will have to deal with it when I am at retiring age. I won't get any of the money that is getting taken out of my check back because the government is sucking the SS funds dry. Work my got damned ass off all my life and I will get NOTHING in return. NOTHING. No health care help, no help AT ALL. Fucking country is going to hell, in a hand basket.

But I was thinking earlier today that history is repeating itself. The europeans came to this country and smothered the Native Americans. NOW, legal and illegal immigrants are smothering all native born people in the US. Immigrants get more help, more money, more grants more of everything while people like me-single unmarried native US born female- SUFFER the wrath of the government! THE GOVERNMENT IS NO LONGER FOR OR BY THE PEOPLE, IT IS FOR AND BY THE GOVERNMENT AND WHATEVER AGENDA'S THEY HOLD!!!

I am not happy about the times I live in.

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