~ Waxing Moon Tarot Reading ~

This was sent through one of my favorite groups Fiber Goddess on yahoo. So I decided to try it. I haven't touched my cards in many months.

~ Waxing Moon Tarot Reading ~
The Moon is currently a waxing crescent.
To learn what this waxing Moon has in store for you, pick a significator card (which represents you) from a Tarot deck. Think about your questions as you shuffle the deck. Focus on specifics, such as an aspect of your career, love, or health. Pick two cards. Add the significator to the other two and shuffle. Turn cards up. If your card is first, then the other two say where you are headed. If in the middle, then one card explains the past and the other the future. If last, then events that have already taken place continue to affect you.

My significator is the Sorcress (High Priestess). I used the Shapshifter deck, one of my favorites.

My card came up last so the other two are events that have taken place that continue to affect me. Of course, it is in the area of love and I wonder if the BF will ever make that commitment to take the next step and finally marry me...after almost 7 years of living together. *sigh* Someone has filled his manly head full of fears of marriage. Yay...*sigh* Sometimes I wonder if I should wait around for him because if I do and we end up going our seperate ways, it will mean I have wasted a big chunk of life just waiting around for that special moment to finally arrive. It's like that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...you think you are getting closer and then discover that you are farther away than before. Of course finding that pot of gold is slim to none.

My other two cards were Change (surprise!) and Harmony. I'm not sure how Harmony could be affecting me, but change is constant as I am dealing with an early Saturn return. Yippie. Not fun. Saturn on my natel chart is in my Second house which is money and finances. I can feel the pinching of each penny. Ouch!

Maybe the Harmony is the lack there of that is affecting me. I have been for the longest time trying to find what is right for me. I followed Wicca for the last 6-7 years and now I feel it is no longer for me. So I have been looking into Shamanism and Native American beliefs but I still am not sure. Yah, that makes more sense to me. The lack of Harmony, is what is affecting me spiritually, emotionally and physically. Yay....where is the enchanting life I was looking for? Blah.

Until next time...

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  1. Found you from the Spindlers list.. thanks for posting this form of reading, a new one to me that I will have to try later today. Early Saturn return, eh? Then you are young enough to see this period as one of many learning phases, whether you move on with this relationship or not. Best and blessed be.


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