Wing-of-the-Moth Shawl and silk work

Here is my progress on the Wing-of-the-Moth shawl that is getting rave reviews across the net. I am using my own spun yarn of alpaca and silk, dyed golden yellow. You an see some sparkle off the silk in the yarn here and there. You can also see the stitch markers I made. Dispite my worries about the spirals gettin gin the way of my knitting, they have not caused me any problems. However, I will be making the spirals smaller on future sets. The lady last week who inquired about them and asked for 150 pieces, at $10 a set that came out to $250.00, I have not heard back from her yet. Oh well. I am told that $10 for a set of six peices like this set I am using is cheap! No worries. The local yarn shop asked if I would like to sell them there! Local buisness!
The next photo is a shot of some stretched out silk hankies I have on hand from when I ordered them last. I only spun a couple yards, maybe a hundred of the yellow yarn for the shawl and I need 1000 yards. I am trying pre-stretching the hankies to make spinning go quicker. This board is about a yard long. I LOOOVE the feel of the silk hankies....soooooo soft! It's a love affair with worm spit. LMAO!!!

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