You're addicted to spinning when...

This cropped up in one of my groups today. Good thing because I am bored!

You know you've been spinning for too long when:

  • You can name every breed of sheep that comes on the tv screen.

  • You can guestimate how much yarn you can spin from any given sheep you see.

  • When you have to have one last feel of the freshly cleaned and dried fiber before you can go to bed.

  • When spinning comes before housework.

  • When your closet is full of fiber waiting to be cleaned.

  • When you cannot resist buying more fiber, even though you know there is plenty to play with in the closet.

  • When every furry animal that you see is thought of as "I wonder what sort of yarn that would spin into."

  • When you see something knitted in a store, and you think to yourself "I can wash, card, spin and knit that for less then what they want for
  • When you love the smell of raw fleece in the morning.

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    Until next time...

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