A burnt break-day and Red Robin "Gourmet" burgers

Breakday...a time for breakfast and payday. I burnt my breakfast and set the smoke alarm a buzzing...and it would not cancel. LOL...so I had to stand there and fan the damned thing. The apartment is filled with smoke, I can't stop sneezing and it's starting to get cold with the fan blowing the inside air out and bringing fresh air in.

Payday was....OK. I payed most of my check out in bills. I did however buy myself a size 2 circular needle from knitpicks. I hate the Susan Bates needles. The smaller they get the more blunt the points. Makes it very difficult for me to knit. So I have very little money to last me for 2 weeks and then I have to pay the rent. Ugh. Will it ever end?

Then after the holidays I need to start saving for the summer months when I am mostly unemployed so I can keep the bills from getting so far behind.

I've been such a gripe this week. I know. There is only so much my mind can take on it's own. Or maybe it is PMS. I have an IUD and I think it has run it's course or my body has run it's course with it. I've been bloated, crampy, and had some unusual bleeding going on. I need to get the thing removed, but I won't do it till the BF confirms that he is shooting blanks after his vasectomy (which was in January). OH, and I love the google tool bar with spell check! What an awesome tool!

On a brighter note, I am going to late night knit tonight and I have money to buy a drink and some food for myself tonight. YAY! Gotta get excited about something.

I finished my mitten...I'll get a pick uploaded here after breakday. For lunch I am treating myself to some Rainbow Sushi lunch from the Japanese place down the street. I need a treat, but not something that is super greasy (Like Red Robin) and something that is not high in carbs. Yeah-yeah, I am gonna try the low carb thing. I love my breads but my waist continues to grow. So with a higher protein diet, and more walking I should loose a few pounds. Mind you I am not some skinny stick worried about her figure. I am a large woman concerned about becoming a morbidly large woman. I can stop it from happening but I only wish I had some assistance.

Red Robin sent me a combined $45 worth of Bird Bucks (their gift certificates) in response to my complaint that the cod fish sandwich I had ordered some time ago now (which isn't cheap!) only filled half the bun. If I am gonna pay upwards of $10 for a damned meal (that's without a drink as with it, it would run higher), it better be more fish than bun! ! Damned it.

Well I used some of those earlier this week to buy a burger with some of the certificates they sent me. I asked for well done, no pink. What did I find when I got home? A mostly pink burger. Grrrrr! WTF! The tag on the bag even said no pink! Bungholes! That place can't do anything right! I would not recommend them any day. Gourmet burgers? Yeah, and my ass ain't big!

Until next time...

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