Cardboard tubes or paper? PAPER!

Okay I've seen the posts about the cardboard tubes for winding yarn onto and how dandy they are, but being more poor than rich, I find ways to get things done without having to spend more of that precious green than I have too.

TP rolls, can be used on a standard ball winder if you jam something along the sides, from the top, to keep the TP roll from flying off at you or off in some random direction along with your ball of yarn.

What I did was take a clothes pin apart and jammed the slim ends in first between the TP roll and the center of the ball winder. Place each opposite one another and really push them down, the roll will not brake or tear unless there is already a brake or tear there to begin with. This keeps the ever valuable TP roll in place while you wind your yarn. When you are finished, the pin is easily put back together and clipped to something nearby to have on hand to use later on. EVERYONE has TP rolls. Why pay for MORE cardboard when you can reuse what you have already purchased?! Reduce, reuse, recycle man!
I love TP! TP for my bung-hole?! I am CornHolio! NAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH!

Until next time...

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