OH what a weekend!!

Not only am I now two days behind on my writing, the computer took a huge crap and I have been internet-less all weekend. That is so hard when you are used to accessing it at all hours of day and night, and is especially painful when I want to write mor on my story! LMAO But we have hooked up an older computer to 'hold me over' till we get the newer one fixed. We just spend a combined $300 on upgrades (faster motherboard, a pentium 4 1600 Mhz processer that is double what we did have, a new floppy drive because the old one took a shit, and a new power source because that took a shit too!!). We tested a powersource at the computer shop and purchased it when we confirmed it worked, but when we got it home, it took a shit on us! Argh!
On top of that, I was rear-ended Saterday Morning after getting coffee at Starbucks and on our way out to the computer shop...computer in tow. Let's not forget that my old whiplass injury from the first rearender six years ago has acted up so I have delt with the pain of that. My neck and shoulders hurt when I type for long periods, knit, or drive. Luckily I can spin with no pain so I have gotten a lot of that done this weekend. So now we have to go get an estimate to get the bumper fixed, again, because the BF was rear-ended earlier this year! The bumper is still new! OYe-oye-oye...

On the brighter side of things, I did go ahead and get a new digital camera (because the BF said he was gonna fix the puter) and it takes great video and pictures! I got a wonderful picture of the moon from Saterday night. I'll post that from flickr soon.

Meanwhile, I have posted two videos from my new camera in previous posts. One is of my baby Merlin (who is female) and one of my tortoise Zarnan (who is a guy I think).

So the moon was full, and some astrological thing must have been happening because boy...what a weekend!!

Until next time...

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