Preparing for winter and a beautiful sunset

I am preparing for winter a little better this year than previous years. This year I bought some window shrink film to cover the air conditioner up with since the cover that came with it when we moved in has warped over the years and does nothing to keep the cold from coming in. It was easy to do using my handy dandy embossing heat gun rather than a hair dryer (of which I don't have...no need for it). I over heated one spot creating a hole, so I duck taped it. Horray for ducks' tape! LMAO This type of sealing will also keep those damned eight legged critters from trying to find a nice warm place to nest overwinter. *shutter* I have a slight touch of arachniphobia which at times can be a little wierd when you live next door to a healthy wooded area where spiders abound!

Then there is this beautiful sunset I captured last night. This is the woods next to our apartment. I have the camera pointing more upwards to avoid photographing the garbage bin (so unsightly!)

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