That Possum

Well I found out what that little possum was so interested in on the patio table. I had placed there last winter a live capture mouse trap and I had not thought another thought about it till now. I watched this possum as he tried to bite through the metal and get into it. Wondering myself what had this little critters attention so, I shooed him away far enough to open the top.

It was FULL of dead mice and one mole!! OMG! I didn't think the thing worked, but I think I was wrong to thing it. There was one mousie in there that looks like he died last night because he still looks live, but he is not. I checked. So this young possum is lookin for a meal before the hard cold hits. I left the trap out there with the lid up. If he wants to clean up the mess, I will let him!

I capture photos of him trying it's darnest to get to the dead meals and will upload them tonight. I'm sure it will be back for the free meals.

Until next time...

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