New knitting project and shoppings

The knitting guild is doing a knit along of the baby surprise jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. The first photo is how it turns out, somehow, and the second picture is my yarn and color choices. I happen to have the fall looking skien in my stash...ready to be used for something, and I wanted to add a little floof so I went to the yarn shop after my morning runs (work, not toilet runs), and bought some matching Fur Real (mink). I hope I do not have to purchase more needles. I have a size 15 that I think will make the 6 stitches to the inch guage requirements. But if I do not then I will smaller needles so it will fit on one of my stuff animals, hopefully it will fit Pinky...my 26 year old teady bear. :)

I found some great deals last weekend. I found a 1 Gig SD card for the camera on sale with a mail-in rebate. So I got both mail-in rebates mailed yesterday (one for the RAM and one for the SD card) and now I wait for six or more weeks for my money to return to me. Humph. In the meantime...I am broke. But on the brighter hand, the computer is faster and I have more space for movies on the camera!

Until next time...

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