OMG!!! Armed and Famous filming in my home town...

BLOGGER IS BEING A PAIN!! I am having to post this via email because the blogger site will not load! My Mother told me they are filming this in Muncie Indiana, my home town! Now read this article that OUTS some major shit that the Police Chief "denies" and what the producers are doing to the poor and uneducated:
Cop Reality Show Falls Victim To Critics In A New CBS Series...
December 14, 2006
by Staff Writer
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MUNCIE, Ind. (AP) - Producers of a reality television show are paying suspects arrested by gun-toting celebrity cops to persuade them to show their faces on the air.

"Armed & Famous" is an upcoming CBS reality show in which former "CHiPs" star Erik Estrada, La Toya Jackson, Jack Osbourne and others become armed reserve officers on the Muncie police force.

CBS publicist Kelli Raftery confirmed Monday that the show has offered some of those arrested T-shirts or cash to sign a waiver, officially known as a "likeness release."

"This release form has no effect or impact on the arrest or the bond," Raftery said in a statement. "A nominal fee in exchange for a likeness release is not typical, but is certainly not unprecedented."

The tactic angered a woman whose son accepted $150 in exchange for having his face shown.

"No amount of money is worth the pain and hurt that I'm feeling as a parent," Dorothy Woods told a Muncie, Ind., newspaper.

Her son, Terence Walker, 23, was arrested last week on a warrant and misdemeanor marijuana charge by several Muncie police officers, including celebrities Trish Stratus, Wee Man and Estrada.

Woods said she believed the show is spending a disproportionate amount of time in black and poor neighborhoods on the city's south side.

Muncie Police Chief Joe Winkle denied that the show was taking advantage of low-income residents and said his department was not involved in the waiver process.

"We are just going where we get called and policing like we would any other time," Winkle said.

Walker said he initially declined to sign the waiver. But when a producer offered him $150 and reportedly told him he would appear on television anyway, Walker said he tried to make the best of a bad situation.

"That way it wouldn't be all on my family," Walker said, referring to the $630 he needed to get out of jail.

In another case, Philip Vore, 36, claims Muncie police held him in an empty room at the Delaware County Jail, refusing to officially book him until he signed the waiver.

Winkle denied the allegation.

Vore eventually agreed to sign the waiver in exchange for $400 money he has yet to see, said attorney Michael Quirk.

Producers initially offered Vore a T-shirt that said "I got arrested by a celebrity and all I got is this lousy T-shirt," Quirk said.

"I think the city of Muncie has set themselves up for embarrassment and lawsuits and all kinds of problems," Quirk said.

Vore was wanted on a warrant out for testing positive for marijuana in several drug screens, a violation of the terms of his pretrial home detention.

SOURCE: Ventura County Star (California)

This is Muncie. A small little hick town full of fanatics, druggies, more crime than the Chief would like to admit, and now...they are being solicited for this piss-ass-poor excuse for a reality show.
My Mother told me someone has tried to brake into her home THREE TIMES over this last summer. I've told her she has to file a police report each time, no matter if they get tired of coming out to do it (fucking ass-wipes) because if there are no reports, there is no evidence of a problem where there is a HUGE one. She doesn't want to live in Middle Town Gardens, but being on a fixed income and disabled, she doesn't have much of a choice. The place has gone from bad (when I was still living with her), to worse and worse still. I HATE the place. I never want to live in Muncie again. It's corrupt, full of crime, the police department is corrupt and treat the poor and dissabled like SHIT (I experienced this when I was a kid), and they suck. The Ball Memorial Hospital is shit and have had many suits filed against them for wrongful death due to BAD practices. Muncie is a HELL HOLE. It's where the putrid slim goes to fester and grow. No appolgies, as these are my true feelings for my home town. Such a shame.
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  1. I have seen the commercials for this show. I am so NOT interested in watching, and am in fact hoping that it is quickly canceled!!! It just impresses me as a show that is poking fun at law inforcement, and we so DON'T need that! The producers must be paying the town, or paying the officials off, in order for them to agree to such an outragious premis. Do the town officials not realize that alot of America will laughing at them?

    Sorry, just had to vent.

  2. The producers ARE paying. But to top it off...Muncie is like that, cheap, indiscriminate, and right down lousy. It's a poor and vulnerable town that is getting the rug ripped from right under their feet. What I wanna know is, where is the mayor in all this? I'd think he would have something to say.


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