Snow and great deals!

OMG did the snow have to wait and start so early in the morning!? Messed up the roads just in time for the morning rush. That was fun. One of the kids I transport had the nerve to ask where I had been. LMAO! "Have you noticed that it is kinda snowing?" He said "So."
"People can't go fast in this type of weather without causing an accident. The roads are slick. " Again he said "so". "Don't worry about it then."
Then I wanted to upgrade the memory on the puter, add anohter 512 to get it over one gig. Staples has what I need for $90, but I was not sure what I needed so I had to come home first to check. Since I am not going out till later I checked online at curcuitcity.com and bestbuy.com. Worst Buy had the same thing for $80. Okay, $10 less.
Then I went to Curcuitcity.com. They have what I need and after the instant rebate of $22, then after I get the mail-in rebate for $28, it will cost me a grand total of *drum-roll* $40!!!!  So I will end up saving $50! And with in-store pickup, no shipping charges!
I am quite proud of myself for finding the deal! And if it happens not to work, they have a 30 day return/exchange. WOW!
Until next time...

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