I have fleas!

HA! Water Fleas that is! They arrived in the mail today...only two days in the mail! I moved my guppies over to the fresh tank who's water has been sitting for three days in preperation for them and I added the fleas to the old tank water so they will clean it up, and will reproduce and I will have something extra to feed Skye. There are plenty of fleas, and many egg packs that came with them. There is a seller on ebay who sells them, but if you visit thier website and order off there, you will pay $1 less.
I got the taxes done. If I didn't owe anything to federal (which is my employers fault for not filing my w2 correctly three years ago from Hobby Lobby) I would have more than enough to purchase myself a drum carder. *WWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhh!!!
But, this last one will pay off what I owe and NEXT YEAR I will have money to burn!
That was quick and a lot less painful than last year. Last year my head was pounding because I had three W2's to file...what a headache. I like having only one job for this reason. Simplicity and ease of tax filing. AAAaaahhhh...
Now I can knit and watch an episode of CSI Miami...in peace of mind.
Until next time...

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