Adopting Lotti: a Merino/BFL lamb!

Her name is Lotti and I hear she is quite the character. Lotti is the black yearly on top of the hay in the photo. Forget the crowds, go to the top of the mountain! She has a Merino Mum and a BLF father so her fleece should be soft and crimpy!! I've never delt with natural colored fleece before so this will be something new for me to try. Her adoption fees are $15 a month, or $150 for the year and this includes washing of the shorn fleece and shipping! Wow!

I was a little late on the adoption so there were not many sheep to choose from that live at a local fiber farm, Windridge Farm, here in Wisconsin. Turns out the farm is only about a half hour away, so I can pick up the fleece and save on shipping come sheering time! The lady who I was talking through email about Lotti says she always could use an extra hand, so there is something I have yet to try! So I offered to come out sometime during spring break to help out. I've never worked on a farm before so this will be interesting! Another adventure...another year! YIPPIE!

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