Dyeing-dyeing-dyeing...today is a good day to dye.

As Worf always said on Star Trek the Next Generation...today is a good day to dye...well, die not dye...anyways...
I tried out this dying recipie found on the Dyepot blog for Cirtine Curry and I followed the directions and I didn't get the shading I was hoping for. The color is a really cool burnt orange...but all the jars came out the same color! *faint* I dunno how that happened but it may depend on what brand of egg dyes you use. It is still early yet for most stores by Jo-Anns had some off brand of dyes for a buck, so I got three packages. I'm gonna need more come payday at this rate!! I love the INTENSITY of the egg dyes, which you can see in the picture of the three jars and then on the finale product. I have been combing and blending these to make a "Peaches and Cream" kinda color. I just need a little purple in it and it will be that roving I saw on ebay that I loved sooooo much...but didn't have the money for. Humph! I think that one was called Tropical Paradise.

So now for experimenting. My poor hands are so dry from washing the wool pre-dyeing.....ow...I haven't used this much lotion in years!! I plan on dying several small lots of wool with plain english breakfest tea, then a half tab of orange, then a half tab yellow...and see how they all compair.

I cought Zar lounging away under his lamp, so I had a shutter-bug moment. He is so cute!!

Now I have to get working on that pixie purse as I plan to give it away this friday!!! EEEEP!

Until next time...

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