I'm on Unwound!

I did a book review for a book I won through Unwound by participating in the listners poll that was for Victorian Lace today. It is in the current Episode 8.
Today we went to the BF's Dad's place for B-day dinner (for both of us). We had a home baked meal of roast beef, cooked carrots and corn, mashed tators with gravey, with a choice of THREE deserts-pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, or apple crisp. I would have had a serving of all three if I had enough room in my bellie! And the BF's brother was there....yackin away as usual. Blah-blah this and blah-blah that...I don't think  he knows how to shut up. We can't even watch a movie with his Dad with his brother in the same room because he is CONSTANTLY yammering on about how that is so fake, or they don't do it that way....or SOMETHING. He is a know-it-all wanna be and makes me completely insane. No wonder he is single!! NO woman would be able to stand him for more than two minutes without banging her head into the wall so hard it would kill her. I brought along my silk hankies to stretch into roving and roll into a silk ball to keep me busy. I hate being around that man. He never SHUT'S THE HELL UP! Sometimes he pushes everyone over the edge and ends up getting nipped at by everyone because we get sooooooooo tired of hearing him and his wanna-be know-it-all yammerings. OH gods....save me!
I got another bath kit. I like them but this one is so strong (rose scent) that I don't think I will be able to use much of it. I tried the hand cream but the rose scent was so strong I had to wash it off my hands. It was BURNING my sinuses....ugh. The BF got a 40 gig hard-drive, some memory chips, and a new CD RW. He installed the 40 gig onto the newer computer for the time being. He says he plans on buying a new computer to replace his majorly outdated and obsolete older one on the other side of the living room. I will believe it when I see it!
After he was done with that he went out to see his bro, this time at his home,  to deliver a package that he had sent to our address. He is a paranoid skits and has packages sent from his online lover lady to our apartment. I do not approve of this and have told the BF that I don't like it. Not one bit. What makes him think he can send his packages to our address?? UGH! So since they are delivered here, and are addressed to the BF, we open them. Most of the time it is a bunch of food....go figure. He got a bunch of coffee, crackers, hot chocolate, microwave pop corn, and a bunch of other crap. Wierdo!
And since no one was home I worked on trying to dye with coffee...which was a fantastic failure. I read that coffee has tannin which is a natural mordent...yeah...tell me another one genius. *rolling eyes* So I set those bunches of wool to set aside to dry and to someday over-dye. Then I set to work on combing some shetland cross wool. I want to try some spaghetti dying that is detailed in the current issue of Totally Twisted E-Zine . Spinning from the combed rovings is a breeze and three times faster than carding because it is already pre-drafted for the most part, and a lot less dense than a rolag so drafting goes much-much-much quicker.
Thanks for all the comments here recently! I seem to have some regular readers out there! Sweetness!
Until next time...


  1. Regular here, reporting in. LOL

  2. LOL-LOL! Well Hi there Regular! Regular coffee, or decaf? HA!


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