Phantom Snow Storm? (Second Try)

I wrote this (via email) Friday evening before taking the picture of the snow dusting on the patio, but it never posted so here it is again.
Okay so I have been checking the radar on a regular basis today because they are CLAIMING that we are supposed to get snow. I see snow zipped across the city on the radar...but I have yet to see one flake-a-snow! *scratches head* It's showing has heavy snowfall too!! WTF? The whole southern half of Wisconsin is under a winter storm watch. Now where is it? LMAO!
If and when it comes I will be taking pictures as they are predicting (off the tip of thier noses) anywhere from 11-16 inches of snow in my area. The last couple of times they predicted snowfall...it was either little to nothin or a whole lot-a snow...usually opposite of what they predict. They aren't very good at predicting weather here.
Whew...I did me some major walking today. This morning I was up and at them, on my day off, at my regular time of 6:30 AM. The BF *shaking fist* was making a shit of a racket in the bedroom. I guess he thought I didn't want to sleep in. *FACE-PALM!* Sneezing, coughing, blowing nose, digging through drawers, comin and goin out of the bedroom...oye. Well, I was up to see the sunrise as I got dressed and went walkin. I wanted to get to the Staples store early so I could get myself that new MP3 player that they have a $20 rebate on. Makes it $50 when I get that twenty back. I got the Creative MuVu 100 2 Gig. I've had my little 128 MB creative MP3 player for three...four years. The only problem I have with it is that the software is not XP compatable...and because it is so old there is no customer support for it. *shakes fist*
But it's nice to get something new once in a while. This one, being more up to date, has an LCD display that shows what song is playin, how long it has been playin, bass-boost, a recorder, and a bunch of other goodies that I will probably never get around to using. The old one didn't have a display. So this is NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE.
So I got my coffee, got a muffin at the store, got my new MP3 playa (all within the same block) came home and installed it....spend three hours editing and loading the damned thing up with music, went back out to mail a package to the Mum (new MP3 player in tow), went down to the local Sushi joint for a take out order, came home ate, and now I could use a nap!
I think I will spin up enough two ply shetland lace weight yarn to make myself another wing of themoth shawl for when I am done with the one I am working on now. I have 20 rows to go to finish, but it takes an hour to do around 3 rows. *faints* But spinning from the combed roving is a snap! Takes about an hour to fill up the bobbin with singles...that's not long at all! Then I wind it into a center pull ball, ply the ends together, and dye it...all in the same day! WOW!
Until next time...
*snooooooooooooooooore, snort-snort....snooooooooooore*

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