Felting experimentation: Lincoln longwool

OOOh this wool creates some thick felt...perfect for a durable all weather bicycle handle bag!
I found a pattern I like at knitty.com . I want to make mine turquoise, royal blue, purple, with a touch of golden yellow. I'm not sure how it will turn out if I navajo ply it. *scratching head*

This was some lincoln that I spun up months and months ago that was navajo plyed and about worsted wieght, knit on size 13 needles. It lost about two inches when felted (which I did by hand and BOY are my hand cleaner than they have ever been!! Squeaky clean!!). This one will get dubbed a dish washing cloth since it is still very large and thick. I plan on using the pattern at knitty, but making the bag more box like than bag. I want a wider bottom and shorter sides. SO I will just add more rows to the bottom and stop when it is two inches higher than I will want. Then when it is felted and dry, I will spritz with mineral oil to make it water proof. I could not think of any other kind of oil that would be suitable to waterproofing felt.

Dinner time!!

Until next time...

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