I got my White belt, and caught some orbs!

ORBS!! Upper left.
The BF took my picture when I got home and he caught some orbes too! Look-Look!

And then the uniform pants are too long for my short stubby self. Take a look at the foot pictures. One is with the pants pulled up, the other...I kicked and ploof the leg went back down.

One down, three to go till I get a purple belt! I found out that the rest of the promotions will cost me $30 a pop. Sheez. What an expensive hobby! Leave it to me to pick the expensive ones! I am gonna have to keep track of how much I spend on this so I can say, yeah...I spend X amount for all this. Can you believe that?!

So six months from now, when I have gone to class twice a week with each session getting longer and harder, and with each belt earned...I will look back at these pictures and gaze at how big I let myself get. I just needed something to come along that I liked to help me loose the wieght. *grin*

I have a mans foot. Big. Flat. Hairy. I am gonna have to whip-stitch the pant legs up or use those stretchy head bands to keep them in place so my hairy legs don't show too.

We've started learning kicks. I impressed my partner today with my kicking. I guess he didn't expect me to kick so well. I have powerful legs. WOO-CHA! Kicking is a SSSt sound. So kick-Ssst, front punch Tu sound, and back punch I-YA! WOO-CHA! We did a few more stretches today. WHEW! I am ready for bed!!

Until next time...

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