In Memory: Luna the Dove

Luna passed this evening, quietly into the ether of the afterlife. Whatever happened to her, it happened quickly so there was little suffering. She had a feisty spirit, full of attitude and energy. She loved my spinning wheel and she was always around it. Sitting on it, or exploring it. She'd settle to take a nap is some of the most unusual places. When I would be knitting, she would lay under my legs as I sat on the couch, cooing softly to let me know she was there and I would not step on her accidentally.

We suspect she nibbled on some salt that was dragged in from the hallway. Her last hours she expelled bloody poo. I held her, and apologized for her suffering...and I prayed to Goddess that if she had to suffer, to take her away from the pain. Don't let her suffer, I whispered as I gently cradled my weakened Luna Bird. I will miss her if you take her away from me, but better she be with You than with me in pain and suffering. Thank you Goddess.

Fly free Luna Bird. Fly free.

Until next time...

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