Luna Bird, is sick... :(

Luna, my dove, is exhibiting the same illness that Merlin had. The only link to both of them is the food. I feed them both the same bulk food from Pet World here in Madison. I called them up and asked them if they were spraying thier foods to control the moths (yeah, like they would admit to it). They claim it is all natural blah-blah-blah. Well, I worked at a pet store several years ago and we did spray them with bird mite pestiside to try and control the moths. SO a fair warning out there to all who buy bulk food for thier pets...BEWARE. I am gonna have to go elsewhere and buy packaged food from now on. It is more expensive, but this is for the health and happy lives of my beloved feathered friends. Luna is so weak. I noticed her feathers were all tattered and I opened the cage door and she did not run away like she always does. I hand raised this bird and she hates my hands! I picked her up and she is so weak. It brakes my heart to see another of myt pets suffer so.

She flew out as I was changing the paper and throwing out the food-santizing the food dish. She is sitting in a corner all poofed up and lookin miserable. I turned on the space heater on low and pointed it into her direction, then I grabbed some noil wool from my waste pile and placed it around her. She seems to like it. I'll have to put some on the bottom of the cage in case she is unable to perch and that way she will stay warmer. She seems to be warm and comforted all snuggled into the wool. *sigh* She is only a year old and her adult feathers are coming in (grey instead of brown). I feel so bad for her. She even tolerated my holding her like I did when she was just a week old chick. *pout*

Until next time...

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