OOOOHHHHhhhh my neck, my butt...my whole BODY!

OOOooh that kitten looks like she is resting peacefully. OOOOh this karate is kicking my butt!! I had a muscle in my BUTT I discovered in the last class was there. This time it is my shoulders and neck that hurt....along with my BUTT! LMAO! I also got very winded today as we bounced around with a partner as they decided when to say go (then we would jab-jab-punch at the arm pads our partner was holding), then we would switch feet on demand...and oOOOoo I was wheezing sooooo bad! *faint...like the kitten*
I learned that we go up a belt color at the end of March, to Gold. I don't know if gold and yellow are the same or different.
Today we also learned some blocking skills...that I have to practice as it was a mind boggler! It's kinda like the yahoo avatar pose there on the side. I want to lean forward bot backwards on the knife hand block.

My instructor said something good today.

"Don't try to outdo the person next to you, and don't try to be a black belt when you are still learning. Some people are naturally athletic and pick up on moves right away, while others need more time to get it down pat. Do what you can and practice-practice-practice. Don't try to be a second rate someone else, concentrate on being a first rate YOU."

I liked that. I liked it a lot.

*very loud snoring*

Until next time...


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Hey there secret pal! I just wanted to let you know that I'm watching you... (via your blog, lol) and getting some ideas for some spoils...

  2. EEEeeeeeee!!! Secret pal!!! YAY!


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