Felting success!!!

The before and after pictures. I think the bag needs to go through one more cycle and it will shrink just a bit more. It is not shrinking lengthwise as much as width wise...something I forgot to take consideration of before the sample was toast...literally. Using size 13 needles I knitted a base of 24 stitches and 24 rows wide, then picked up stitches along the other three edges and knitted 36 rows deep. I LOVE the color graduation which I accomplished by blending the different dyed lots of Lincoln wool. I did the icord bind off which was a mind boggling to learn but once I got it down it went really quickly. Then I knitted the flap. I originally calculated 18 rows on 24 stitches...but 18 seemed a bit short to me so I went till I ran out of that batch of spun yarn which turned into 25 rows. Then I picked up stitches along that edge and icord BO.

Makes a nice hippie hat!!

The results are a bag that is 8 inches wide (2 inches smaller than I was shooting for) 6 inches wide (which was what I wanted) and about 12 inches deep. The flap did not felt completely for some odd reason after two complete wash cycles (I have a pay-per-use washer in the apartment building I live in). I think I will try to felt that part by hand or add some fiber to it and needle felt it in. Right now it is drying with a wrapped photo box inside of it to help keep the shape. Now I think I will have to add a draw string through the sides at the top of the opening because it wants to bulge outward when there is nothing in it and the flap is closed. I am very proud of this! Then I plan on adding button close straps to the back of the bag so that it can be buttoned on and off the handle bars. Then I need to knit a strap, get some brass D rings, and a pair of clips for the strap so I can take remove it when I want too. I still need to knit the two pockets, but I need to clean and dye up some more wool. I used every last bit that I dyed before. What a great use for such a course wool!

The rest of the bag is pretty well felted and I LOVE the way the Lincoln turned into a bunch of loopy-loops all over the bag!!

Until next time...


  1. LOVELY LOVELY! I like the combination of the orange and blue. I think felting is such fun!

  2. It was supposed to be golden yellow but orange is good too. I think it turned darker when the blended purple and yellow band felted together with the yellow band. I love the subtile color changes from the bottom up!!
    The BF said "Won't be able to put much in that!" Well no, silly, it's just a handle bar bag! Backpacks are for larger loads! *smack*

  3. Post a new pic of this, woman... I wanna see how it turned out!

  4. eh? It's not compelted yet! Don't worry I will. I am working on making a woven sholder strap for it. :) First attempt is not going well so I am trying it again. Darned pattern is not patterning out like it should. HUmmmm....


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