First trail ride of the season!

Whew! What a bike ride! It was a perfect day for it too! Not cold but not hot either.

I went out this afternoon at about 1PM to ride the trials and I got home around 4:30. I took the Capital bike trial all around the Capital...a good 15 mile ride. I know because the nifty bike computer keeps track for me! I did stop a few places along the way including Zoom Cafe which is a locally grown, fair trade, organic coffee house that is also bicyclist friendly! They had a huge container full of chilled, filtered water JUST for the bicyclists who stop by! Sweetness! So I bought a coffee to help support them as well. On the way home I stopped at McD's for some fuel (a yogurt parfait and a double fish sandwich) then slowly made my way home. I ran out of steam!!

I got a lot of sun exposure and I am pooped so I think I will go take a nap before I try to do anything else. WHEW!

Until next time...

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