Garden Testings: Very Low Potash...

According to this self testing kit, my garden soil is very low in potash which is essential for flower and fruit development...which explains why my pumpkins and cucumbers last year droped their flowers and never developed any fruit as a result. Nitrogen and Phospherous are very high, and that explains all the lucious leafy goodness all my plants had last year. All leaves and no fruit. I turn the garden soil every spring so lots of organics get into the soil. My soil is so loomy and black! Perfect for most veggies. The high N and P explains why my spinach is growing sooooooooooo well!

Thanks Mavin for the recipie idea! I went and bought me some skinless, boneless chicken breasts-split them in half and did what you suggested for the spinach. I added some chopped fresh tomato too (which is expensive this time of year!!). OMG....and on the formen grill it gets cooked just right...OOOOOoo we were having taste-bud orgasims!! The BF GOBBLED it up! HA! Pun intended!

But that does not explain why my tomatoes did so well last year!! I had sooooooo many cherry tomatoes that I was giving them away!! This year I am trying some Big Boy and Big Boy Hybrids.

I have no idea how to add potash to the garden, so I will need to call the greenhouse and ask them.

Until next time...

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