I am beginning to HATE CHARTER TELEPHONE!!

uGH! What a pain in the flippn ass this service is. My telephone service through charter is not working properly. My voice mail is not notifying me of new messages, the selective call acceptance is not allowing me to call my own number (!!!!) and it will not allowing my number to be added to the accepted list!! W.T.F!!!!
I hate calling Charter customer service because I either get some person with such a heavy indian accent that I cannot understand them, or they don't understand me (both have happened), or I get some numskull who doesn't know what they are doing on THEIR end (which has also happened), or here recently I call with my most recent issue and they have no fluckin clue what is wrong. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So they are gonna try resetting my number and see if that corrects it. *Marge-Simpson grumble groan*
If this keeps up I am switching back to TDS, which we have not turned off yet because we are still on contract with them for another month (I had contract services). It's either pay the extra month of services or pay a $200 for "early termination fee". Cripes. I have called charter CS nearly a dozen times in TWO WEEKS time for one issue or another. The last time I called earlier today I had to repeat three times what my issue was because they heard one thing and interpretted it to be something else. *face-palm* I'm sayin yes I know how that works, what I am saying is this is happening...argh.
I am so exhasperated!! Deep breath....deep breath....
We are getting some much needed rain finally. My 32 gallon rainwater reserve was nearly empty this morning when I went to water the plants. It's been so dry and hot that I have had to water my veggies every other day, sometimes more.
Until next time...

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