I love SG Atlantis!

I so love Star Gate Atlantis and I wish they would get thier butts on the ball and get more episodes out! NAHHHH!

I especially have a soft spot for these two character, Lt. Col. John Sheppard and Dr. Carson Beckett. I think I have a soft spot for strong well spoken men with a soft side! *melting!!* Not to mention Sheppard is mighty damned handsome and Beckett is damned handsome AND charming in his Scottish accident speach. *MELTING!!!!* Or I should say, the actors who play these charaters. I stay up every Saterday night JUST to get my SGA fix in! As an added bonus, I get to see SG1 as well and CSI Miami is on earlier in the evening. It's a favorite shows extraviganza!

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