New! Music streamer on blog!

There is a new player on this site, it's for Groovelectric : Modern electronic dance music with a classic funk sound. I also love the podrunner which the same DJ mixes together. Most tracks can be purchased for $1.99 or less off www.beatport.com .

Groovelectric can also be subscribed to for free through iTunes or other feed readers/players.

Visit www.djsteveboy.com for more great music mixes, donate to the DJ because he does all this work for FREE (including hosting 36 Terabytes of bandwidth for free downloading...that ain't free for him! DONATE!! SUPPORT LOCAL DJ'S!), and merchandise (T's, caps, bags, etc).

If you think this player slows the loading time, please let me know by leaving a comment. It seemed a bit slow for me, but that could be anything as I run several things at once on my machine.

Until next time...

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