Today was the day....unexpectedly so...

Today was the day to bury Luna, my dove who died over the winter. I had saved her body in the freezer till the ground was workable. I have been procrastinating burying her...it's hard to let go.

I went outside intent on simply digging up some soil just outside our patio to replace with some premium potting soil that is intended for sunflowers. Well...I started digging and kept digging and when I realized what I was doing, I unexectedly realized that this was the time to bury Luna. So I lit a sweetgrass stick, got her frozen shell out of the frezzer and wrapped her up in some muslin, and proceeded to the hole I had just dug. Nothin fancy, just a simply placement of her body in the hole with a few thoughts of prayer. To which she came, she now returns, free of cages and free of this world. I placed several inches of soil back into the hole to cover her, then proceeded to add the potting soil and plant the sunflower seedlings. For some reason, the ones I planted directly in the ground did not grow so I started some in pots. They only germinated a few days ago. The sooner into the ground they go, the less likely they will get stunted.

Last years sunfowers were in the pots way to long and they did not grow very large because of it.

*sigh* I celebrate her life, not her death. She was a fiesty one she was. Not afriad to set her boundries and let me know when I was crossing them by slapping me with a wing. LOL She loved my feet and she was always lookin for some left over seed crumb in the carpet. When she was not lookin for a snack, she would sit under my legs and settle in for a nap. She was cutie, laying there and cooing at me. We would coo back and forth. She would coo at me when I moved so I would not forget she was there under my legs and step on her. Dove's are smarter than people give them credit for! Thanks for being a spectacular feathered friend Luna. Fly free now, and don't forget to visit!! :P

Until next time...


  1. C4G;
    Good for you and your ceremony. Sunflowers ah hope and cheer. In the meantime

    I tagged you

    love karen

  2. Thanks Karen!

    Tagged me how? BOO! AH!


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