Use unwanted fleece to control garden pests!!!

I have found, by sheer coinqidink, that the fleece I would normally throw away due to being soiled or with heavy VM can be used in the garden. The benefits are three fold.

One is that it helps keep moisture in when laid down thickly so that it eventually creates a felted mat. That felted mat in turn helps control weeds and other invasive plants from growing OR sprouting from seed.

The Third , and the best part is, placing your unwanted fleece around your veggies keeps the pests at bay! I found this out by sheer accident when I was simply using it as mulch. The slugs and other various nighttime leaf munchers of my beans ignored the ones that had fleece around them and instead attacked the exposed beans.

I placed some fleece around a bean that had it's first set of leaves completely eaten, but the plant is still able to survive because the growing nub in the middle of the stem was untouched. By putting the fleece around the plant, the pests never bothered it again. WOW.

So now when my veggies sprout, I get some of that unwanted felt, fluff it a bit, poke a hole through the center of the fluff, place it around the seedling, and lightly push it into the surrounding soil to anchor it in place. When it rains again, the newly placed "fleece ring" will felt and cling to the soil around it keeping it firmly in place. Amazzzing! Do I sound like an infomercial yet?

It seems that ants and pill bugs get stuck in the fleece and die.

In other news, seems that the bus company I work for is having finacial issues. I went to fuel up the work van and they told me the account for the company was on hold and no one is able to get gas. Wow. So much for job security-that just went out the window. I heard a rumor that my former employer (whom I like better and has more experince in this field) may be getting the school routes back next year. Oh Goddess! Say it is so! I miss them so much. I miss the benifits, the quirks, the extras. They know how to treat thier employees and make them wanna stay there-unlike my current employer who refuses to give raises, uphold senority, does not have road support (so if our vans brake down, we are so SOL), and no extras as an incentive to stay. I am better than that! I have a perfect driving record and I deserve more than this!

Until next time...

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