Whew! Another lOOOng bike ride, and travelings...

I went bicycling yesterday afternoon and this time rode 21 miles! I biked over to the east side Target to exchange the earbuds I bought that were crappy as crappy gets...bought the next to the best at $40 (Y-OUCH). I would love to have a set of the $99 ones if I though they were anywhere near worth that amount! I stopped at the local Culvers for lunch and fuel to get home on. I was pooped...and sore! I really enjoy the bike trails here in Wisconsin. I have a nice tan building on my legs and arms though. It's totally awesome. I am glad however that I put some sun screen on my arms and face as by the time I got home my skin felt like it had just about enough sun for one day and was gonna start to burn. I tan so easily. My arms get dark in the summer because I am always outside. My legs...not so tan-a-riffic as they do not take to tanning as well, but that is okay.
My coworker commented last week that she thought that I was loosing weight in my hips. She said I looked smaller. Sweet! All this bicycling and karate is doing some noticable good!!!
Today I am taking my poor over-worked clunkity Kiwi over to Susans Fiber Shop in Columbus as she says she should be able to fix the noise. While I am there, I will take a gander at the Louets and yak down. I probably would not go out there if it weren't for the  BBT promotions in Sun Prairie that I have been planning to go to all week. They are somewhat close together, no sense in getting out and burning up money JUST for the promotions!! Gas is up to $3.49 here! OYE! That's $40 JUST to fill-up and we only have a 12 gallon tank!!! UGH...*faint!* That's just not right!
I am gonna take some video of the promotions so be on the lookout for a video from youtube soon!
Last night the BF and I went over to Indian Lake and I got to play fire bug! I love building fires in the fire pits. He was there to bless his new drum and say hi to a resident indian spirit. I was there to do some star gazing and fire gazing. After he blessed his drum he let me play and wouldn't you know it...I drummed me up a spirit that scared the living shit out of me! I was drummin away, starting to trance out and then there was a noise not to far away. Granted it is a park with plenty of wildlife but this was no sound of any wildlife. We both heard it at the same time and looked up at the same time. Then I just continued to play the drum and you will never guess what happened next. I was playing softly and inbetween beats, there was a beat I did not hit-plain as day. NAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! RUN-RUN-RUN-AWAY!
I stopped playin then...LMAO...I am such a chicken shit when it comes to spirits and the invisable world.
Later in the night we think we spotted a Pixie. Off in the distance there was a rapid blinking of light. We thought at first  it was just the flashlight reflecting off an animals eyes, but then the little-very rapid, blinkie started to ZIP across the open plain of the park. The BF said Bonjour to it and then it zipped right over to us. Flew right in front of my face and zipped off somewhere in the woods. I, of course, did not see it clearly as it was in the flashlight beam for a nanosecond before it fluttered away again. We thought at first it was a lightening bug, but I have never seen a lightening bug move THAT fast or blink that RAPIDLY. It boogied! ZZZZZZZzzooooooooooom!!!
Until next time...

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