Broke already?! Sheez.

Well I spent my lot of money already and it is still early payday! LMAO! I payed for those dyed rovings from etsy (Bad Lime and Violet! Roving p0rn is bad for my wallet!!! LMFAO!!!). I didn't have much to spend in the first place. Today is rent day (ho-hum), and a instalation check for my new Louet will be cashed Saterday, then they checks for my WTI tuition and for the poly eggs are still out and uncashed. Humph!

I also bought a large 175 gallon colapsable butterfly cage from Educational Science Online for my anticipated polyphemus rearing. I got an email yesterday from the man I bought the eggs from and he said they were being mailed today. EEEeeeeeee!! By the time the cage arrives, they should be hatched and growing.

The bee in the top photo I found in the garden this morning. He was just chillin. Cute little critter as he was waving his antenne at me as I tried to get a clear photo.
The second photo is the three day old Monarch cat. His colors are clearly visable today and he has trippled in size...doubling every day!! It is AMAZING how fast they grow!!

Not lingering on the brokeness of my budget, I set myself to work on spinning the rest of the Aquaberry while watching the rest of season 4 of CSI Miami, and doing the dishes. Tonight, I go up a belt level to Orange from Gold at promotion. EEEeeeeee! Hopefully, the BF will get some video this time 'round.

Until next time...

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