Captured Emergance and dyeing roving

I got up just in time to watch one of the monarchs emerge from it's chrysalis. Soooo coooool!!

My order of Merino roving came today and I went to work on trying my hand at roving dyeing. OOOOoooo....dyeing fun!! It's the only time you will hear someone say dyeing is fun....and mean it without being a depressing EMO. LMAO

MMMMmm look at the permanent staining....OOOoo...even on my fingers!

In other news, we are starting to learn "flying" kicks at karate class. I am concerned because I do not want to hurt my ankles and I came home with both of them aching from the last class. Any idea on how to strengthen the ankles? You'd think carrying 200 plus pounds would be strong enough...but noOOOOOoo....twisted ankle here I come!

Until next time...

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  1. hello i'm from belgium and i've seen you video about spin short fiber!
    congratulation! and you'r blog looks great! i'll comme back of course!
    i begin to spin and i have problem with whool very fluffy and short fiber!
    if you have time to have a look, it would be great!
    i'v put some photos here :

    and my main blog (crat, knitting, fimo aso...) is here

    You have a link "my blog in english" to translate or just look at the pictures and don't hesitate to leave me a message! i would be very glad!!! lol

    have a nice day!!!



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