History of Escrima (Arnis)

I found this on the web today in my search for instructional video. I want to start now not later! LMAO!! I found it interesting the Arnis is basically beginning fencing in the art of Filipino fencing. OH sweet!! This is the stepping stone to using more advance weapons.

Right now we are working on side kicking and developing those outter thiegh muscles...ouch!!

My only issue right now is that if I go to X-Training (weapons training) my tuition will go up another $20 to $149 a month. That is a lot. I think that is as high as the monthly tuition goes-at least I hope so otherwise I will not be able to afford much more. Mike has agreed to widdle me some escrima sticks, I just need to gather the wood. How nice of him! He also has told his coworkers that I am doing karate! That makes me feel so important! He is talking about my karate to his coworkers!! This must mean he is proud of my achievements. What a sweetheart! One of his coworkers is selling his set of nunchucks and asked me to make an offer. Well, wooden ones online are only $15 so I say offer 5-8 then $10 being the max.

I want to make my own bostaff too, but how to I keep fresh wood from warping and splitting as it dries? Every walking stick I have ever made has warped to one extent or another, or cracked...even after sealing the wood! Any tips out there for this type of wood working?

I got Yoga Botty Ballet from Netflix and as I am previewing the workouts, they are working with the very muscles I need to work on for karate. My left side is so weak! I might like this one.

My Monarch cats are getting so big! I got my poly eggs in the mail this week which have not hatched yet. They were laid on the 31st of May so that probably will not start hatching till late next week with a 10-15 incubation period.

Zarnan seems to be coming out of his four month hibernation. I am happy about that as I have missed greeting him in the mornings and petting his shell.

I bought a butterfly "terrarium" (175 gallon) from www.educationalscience.com and it is HUGE! A lot bigger than I anticipated and a great deal at $30! It is about 4 1/2 feet tall- 3/4's my hieght! So I ordered the smaller one which is a 30 gallon. The large one will make a great flight cage for calling in wild male poly moths-throwing them in with the females if they come. I emailed the local wildlife guru and confirmed that Polyphemus moths are indeed in Wisconsin, but apparently bats love them and they don't last long. Humph! We are getting much warmer nights now, so many my luck of drawing one to some lights will improve. They also have a telescoping butterfly net for only $30! They are cheap and the shipping is...OK. Not overly priced but not cheap either.

I got two of my three etsy orders this week and I am almost done spinning the bag of yak down. I'll be ready to ply and send back to the lady who sent it to me to spin. I bought 16 ounces off ebay, there is no reason for me to keep any of what she sent me. She said I could keep half the finished yarn if I would agreet o spin it up and send the other half back. What a nice surprise she will have when she gets ALL of it back!!

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