Level 1 Reiki Student, I am-I am!

I am now officially a Level 1 Reiki student. A friend of mine just go her Masters from a local Reiki Master and has been looking for students to be guinea pig for her to hone her teaching skills.

During attunment, I had tinglies in the chakras she enscribed japanese letters upon, and near the end I was dizzy and feeling mighty fine!

I think will pair nicely with my karate.

Until next time...

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  1. I've attended several local reiki healing circles. I haven't gone in for atunement or what have you. I truly believe in this as a healing art. Did you cry after any healing session?

  2. I haven't received or given a healing session to a person yet but from what I have learned there would not be residue energy left on you as the practitioner. Reiki is "Intelligent God(dess) Energy" that flows through you as a conduit, and it'll go to where it is needed even if you are not sending it there. I had a crying day which was my heart chakra cleaning itself, but other than that no crying for me. :)


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